Job Answered His Friend Sophar

Job Answered His Judgmental Friends, Job 21:3-4


The story of Job never ceases to arouse deep emotions in readers; as the Book of Job narrated the breathtaking story of a man of integrity, a God-fearing man.  A man Godly man who was unexpectedly struck with loss, devastation, darkness, and pain. The tragedy that befell Job generated many questions than answers throughout history.

But one of the undeniable lessons we can’t dismiss is that in this world that nothing is guaranteed. No position or status, wealth, or beauty is guaranteed. On this side of the planet, human beings are bound to experience pain, death, and loss. Different kinds of troubles are experienced by the godly and the ungodly alike.

Further, we noticed that friends can be a source of comfort or discomfort during trying times. Some friends can give wrong advice with a bold face to their friends, who are sick, broke, divorced, barren, etc.  We have to ask ourselves an honest question, what kind of friends are we to our friends? How do we react to people who are hurting? This is the book that prompted the question, “Why do bad things happen to good people?”

Job Answered Back

Let us hear what Job answered his friend Sophar. The three friends judged Job’s tragedy to be caused by Job’s sin. They boldly told Job that he is suffering as a result of his evil deeds. What a harsh accusation to a man at the darkest moment of his life.

Job had no choice but to answer his critics, saying, listen to every word that I say so that you won’t misunderstand what I mean. When you know how God deals with people then you can continue your mocking, if you wish.  My complaint is with the way people react, I have reason to be short-tempered; I’m not complaining about the way God treats me. When you look at me, you’ll be shocked so hide your eyes with your hands.  When I realize what’s happened to me, I’m stunned and I tremble with fear.

Job didn’t let his friends get away with their judgmental attitude to him. He asked Sopha saying, Do not some wicked people grow to a ripe old age? And don’t some get wealthy and to have good health? They see their children prosper and they enjoy their grandchildren.  Their houses are safe from thieves and destruction. God does not seem to punish all the wicked in this life. Their businesses succeed and become larger, they enjoy the fruit of their labors.  Joy In The Midst of Trial

Job continued to press his defense saying their little children laugh and play around the home, there is a sound of happiness in the home. They spend their days enjoying their life and they die a peaceful death. These wicked sarcastically ask, “Who is El-Shadai that we should obey and serve Him? They ask, what advantage is there for us to pray? Why should we pray to God? Job concluded, don’t the wicked prosper?

It doesn’t seem the sinner always suffers, you three are wrong in your arguments. God seems to let some of them get away with sin, they just bounce along like straw in the wind. Some foolishly say, ‘God will at least punish their children,’ but each one is accountable for his sin; their children are not punished for their father’s iniquity. Each one will suffer for his wrongdoing, and ElShaddai will eventually judge the sin of each.

This will continue in the next post.

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