Hello, and Welcome to the Livingforhisglory.com site!  This is a Faith-based website, created with the mission of creating faith-building articles, videos, Podcasts, and Best Seller Books, and other relevant materials that can motivate and challenge believers and non-believers to give priority to their spiritual lives, by realizing that we are all created for God’s glory.

About Me

I’m Sarah, AJ. A married wife for about 42 years plus. Our marriage is blessed with 4 handsome and beautiful children who are now all adults, with 3 amazing grandchildren. I have been a Christian by His grace for over a decade. I have been a member of AACC  for more than 5 years. My educational background is in psychology and Human Service. I have been a woman leader, and the coordinator of BBSN, and a member of other community groups.

Giving God glory is the desire I share passionately both privately and publicly. As we see all the chaos, confusion, and evil increasing these days globally, we can’t afford to remain in the dark. We have to shine the light of the goodness of our creator by living the life that matters, based on Biblical principles.

Right from my teenage years, I discover that nothing gives me satisfaction and joy than my relationship with God. My life was not immune from trials and temptations, I had some very serious ones. But what has been so wonderful, and empowering to me has been my experience of the faithfulness and grace of God in many ways. For that, I cannot live without giving Him glory, by being grateful, appreciative of His goodness, and mercies to me.

What It’s All About

This site is born out of the burning desire to declare forth the glory of God.  It is a call to remind believers of our utmost assignment in this life.  To remind us to give first priority to our spiritual life. By so doing we will not allow our spiritual life to be dehydrated because of the pursuit of money and care of this life. It is a call to remind us that God created us as objects of His love and for His pleasure and that we are to appreciate His love by giving Him glory in all we say and do daily.

For a non-believer, I believe that we can reason together with the word of life. For the word of God is a library of all knowledge, wisdom, and understanding about life, man’s purpose, and after death, and many more. All that is requires is to read it with an open mind and hunger to learn.

I believe that God so loved the whole world that He gave His only son Jesus for our redemption. (John 3:16).

It’s All About Appreciation of His Greatness

Living For His Glory is a desire we all should share. It is a mandate, it is the best we can do for our maker to make His wondrous works known among men. It is a mission to challenge us for doing what matters most first and that is to love God, fear Him, honor and give Him the glory for all His goodness and mercies in your life. We have to make giving God the glory a priority, because the word of God says, “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added… (Mathew 6:33). Therefore, livingforhisglory.com is created to remind, encourage, motivate, and inspires everyone, mostly believers through different resources, that will be provided to do that intentionally. We are to live to appreciate the sovereignty of our creator.

Consequently, it is the goal of this website, to lead believers and non-believers alike, to cultivate the habit of living for God’s glory. To live a life that depicts our knowledge, and fear of God. To appreciate His goodness, love, mercies, and His power and authority over His creation and to give Him glory in all we say and do daily.

Once again, we are glad you visited this site, our prayer is that your life will never remain the same, as you keep connected.
Remain Blessed!
Sarah Aj.